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Image of 1.5L Slow Cooker Stainless Steel

1.5L Slow Cooker Stainless Steel

Soups, casseroles and stews, simply add the ingredients to the pot, turn on and the Slow Cooker will gradually cook your meal over the course of several hours, allowing you to go out and come home to a hearty meal! The dishwasher-safe ceramic crock-pot...

Image of 1.5M Window Awning Shaftesbury

1.5M Window Awning Shaftesbury

If your windows are in the full glare of the sun, how do you keep your rooms cool or prevent your curtains or furniture from becoming faded? These simple, stylish and compact window awnings provide that vital shade and protection allowing you to enjoy...

Image of 1.7L Digital Kettle

1.7L Digital Kettle

Did you know that different tea leaves and blends deliver the best results when made with water at specific temperatures? Experts agree that green and white teas are best made with water at about 70°C, while black teas develop best at 85°C and for herbal...

Image of 100Ft Expandable Hose W/Bag

100Ft Expandable Hose W/Bag

Long hoses are heavy, often difficult to move around, take up a lot of space and can be just plain unsightly – this expandable hose solves all those problems in gardens big or small. Weighing from as little as 650gm (23oz), the hose is stored neatly...

Image of 100X150Cm Rug Persian Style

100X150Cm Rug Persian Style

Health, wealth and happiness - from a rug? Traditionally, red backgrounds in Persian rugs invoke happiness, joy, luck, courage, wealth and a vibrant life force with their designs being rightly prized throughout history. These sumptuous new, soft pile...

Image of 10W Cree Torch

10W Cree Torch

Our high quality, Rechargeable 10W Cree Torch (incorporating the latest long life Cree LED bulb technology used by police authorities, and search and rescue worldwide) produces an astonishing beam of extremely bright, white light. This gives you a wide...

Image of 11018 Spare Battery

11018 Spare Battery

Spare Battery.

Image of 1+1 14-Led Reading Lt

1+1 14-Led Reading Lt

This little marvel gives out a powerful beam for such a small lamp! The lamp head contains 14 high-intensity & energy saving LED bulbs that deliver a pool of controllable crisp light, helping you to read, write or do hobby work. The neck is fully...

Image of 1+1 Mini Tables

1+1 Mini Tables

This versatile Mini-table is ideal for TV dinners, jigsaws, writing, drawing, painting, reading, bedside meals, playing cards and numerous other uses. In fact, we think you'll be so pleased with it, you'll wonder how you ever managed without one! Made...

Image of 1+1 Reusable Mini Dehumidifier

1+1 Reusable Mini Dehumidifier

Keep your precious items safe from the damaging effects of damp and condensation with this Compact Rechargeable Dehumidifier; it is so good that we have put our name on it. Extremely versatile, it doesn't require any batteries or trailing wires making...

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