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Image of 10 Chicks

10 Chicks

Help close the gender gap in farming by supporting a woman to start her own chicken-rearing business.

Image of 1 Lap desk for a child 

1 Lap desk for a child 

A lap desk could give a child with no school access the chance to learn.

Image of 20 rapid diagnostic malaria kits

20 rapid diagnostic malaria kits

These malaria test kits could diagnose malaria in minutes, so patients can be treated quickly and effectively – saving lives.

Image of 3 days at summer camp

3 days at summer camp

Let the sun shine for young children living with HIV by giving them the change to attend a summer camp.

Image of A Bicycle

A Bicycle

How do you turn two wheels into a brighter future? Give a vulnerable young girl a bicycle so she can travel safely to school and receive an education.

Image of A Buzzy Beehive

A Buzzy Beehive

You could help someone training to become a beekeeper in rural Haiti to kick-start their business by giving them a beehive.

Image of A Chicken

A Chicken

You could help improve the life of a person living with HIV/AIDs by providing them with a chicken.

Image of A child's school materials

A child's school materials

Kit out a child with textbooks and stationary for a year - and even help provide a school uniform!

Image of A goat

A goat

A GOATASTIC gift! Our locally sourced nanny goats produce milk to drink and sell, plus fertiliser for crops.

Image of A high nutrition food supplement

A high nutrition food supplement

A high-nutrition food supplement to give a boost to the health of a malnourished child.

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