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Image of 12-Piece White Wedding Kit

12-Piece White Wedding Kit

This romantic 12-Piece White Wedding Kit includes everything you need to spice up THE night and every night afterwards too! Ignite your passion for each other with a multitude of couples sex toys and sexy accessories and look forward to a fulfilling...

Image of Bike Balls Rear Bike Lamp

Bike Balls Rear Bike Lamp

Bike Balls, the funny rear lamp for your bike. The Bike Balls are made of splash-waterproof silicone and give off an interesting light. The are attached under the saddle and bounce during the ride. Just like the detachable bike lights this powerful LED...

Image of Buttocks Lifting Gel

Buttocks Lifting Gel

No longer dare to wear your bikini because of your hanging buttocks? To bad, cause there's a solution. This Buttocks Lifting Gel strengthens the skin and counters cellulitis. The arnica and hedera helix have proven their effectiveness for centuries. Massage...

Image of Candy Bra

Candy Bra

The perfect match for your Candy G-String, this Candy Bra is made up of the sweets we all loved as kids. Try nibbling the centre first to create a peephole bra. Perfect to liven up your foreplay, it may be sweet, but it's far from innocent. Great for...

Image of Candy G-String

Candy G-String

If your partner has a sweet tooth, they'll find this Candy G-String irresistible. Make the teasing foreplay incredible and oral sex taste even better with this sweet candy treat!

Image of Clitoral sucker & penetrator

Clitoral sucker & penetrator

Penetrates like a man, multi-tasks like a woman, hums like a vibe! This compact penetrating clitoral pump gives you something to do with your clit once it's swollen and sensitive, with a soft noduled vibrator designed for powerful orgasms. TRequires 2...

Image of Condom XXXL Joke

Condom XXXL Joke

Condom XXXL Joke is a really fun product. The oversized circumference of this condom, 9 cm, means it's not really effective as contraceptive. This rubber condom is a great gift for men who think too much of themselves in terms of size. Some of them might...

Image of Corset Phone Cover - iPhone 4

Corset Phone Cover - iPhone 4

Hardcase phone cover with corset print, suitable for your iPhone 4. The strong plastic offers protection against dirt and scratches. The notches ensure that all buttons and functions can be easily operated. This lightweight protective cover snaps tightly...

Image of Handcuffs


Fully adjustable handcuffs by TOYJOY Classics. Made of solid metal with velvet covering. Keys are included in the package.

Image of Harness and leash

Harness and leash

Take bondage into your every day by wearing this harness as an accent over or under your clothes. Or treat it as a kinky addition to your favourite outfit for an easy strappy effect. The removable leash features a heavy carbine fastener and can be attached...

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