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Image of Floribunda Golden Wedding 1 Plant 3 Litre

Floribunda Golden Wedding 1 Plant 3 Litre

A wonderfully scented golden climber.Floribunda Golden Wedding has large, bright yellow blooms which are produced in clusters. This variety is highly fragrant and offers a good resistance to disease. Perfect for covering drab walls, fences and sheds.

Image of Rose 'Lucky!' (Floribunda Rose)

Rose 'Lucky!' (Floribunda Rose)

Rose 'Lucky!' flowers continuously from early summer through to late autumn. This upright, bushy floribunda rose produces clusters of semi-double, lightly scented, mauve-pink flowers with charming rippled edges. The thorny stems are covered in glossy,...

Image of Large Plant Lucky Dip (1 litre)

Large Plant Lucky Dip (1 litre)

Treat yourself to a 'Lucky Dip' surprise package of large plants! We'll choose the plants for you, and you'll get a great bargain, paying just £5.99 for plants worth at least £7.99. At such a great price, we can't take orders for specific varieties,...

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