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Making money online with eBay!

Welcome to the EPN ScriptBay script - The most effective eBay selling tool available!

Sell your own stuff or choose from the millions of products selling already and receive excellent commission.

ScriptBay is designed for those who have signed up as an affiliate of the ePN (eBay Partner Network) program. ScriptBay provides those affiliates a way to create unique eBay store fronts that provide both content and products. As eBay auctions expire and new ones are created. ScriptBay will dynamically change to provide fresh and up to date products on your eBay Store.

ScriptBay is a set of PHP scripts that allows you the web developer/ website owner to design your online eBay store anyway you see fit and to sell your own goods or other sellers items for commission. Unlimited niche eBay shops can be created and can either be stand alone shops or they can be easily integrated into existing websites with a simple iframe or into WordPress with the supplied WordPress Wrapper plug. This massively expands the possibilities of increasing targeted traffic and sales.

What can ScriptBay do?

ScriptBay is created specifically to be able to monetize in a simple way, the traffic and sales from eBay, generated by this unique and powerful script. Modern Design with Infinite Scroll visualization, big images preview list and easy to use for everyone. With ScriptBay customers can search for any type of item present in the eBay auctions. But not only: Thanks to the integrated Mobile Module, all the mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets with low resolution, will be directed to the optimized version of ScriptBay.

Also Include with the script is YOUR ADS! Copy and paste your code (Adsense or others) into the simple ads.php file and you are done! On each object that will be sold via your links, you will generate revenue! Easy to configure all the parameters with one simple text editor such as Notepad++; in the supplied documentation we explain step by step, how to fully customize the script according to your needs. Only 2 files to configure, SEO optimized code and htaccess file included to increase the performance of the Script.

ScriptBay In action

Here is a selection of active websites using ScriptBay in various ways:


This video website has ScriptBay embeded in a page using a very simple iframe. A very effective way to generate traffic and sales. The video script used can be found here
PHPVideo and is highly recommended and when combined with ScriptBay they easily make one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools available driving customers to your chosen eBay shop and both can be configured for niche markets

ceramic hobs

Here has used ScriptBay to add a page selling ceramic hobs on eBay. This has been encorporated into the webiste using the iframe code and can also be seen in full on a separate subdomain - Full Page View - You can add as many ScriptBay pages as you want each targeting specific catagories on eBay. ScriptBay is very light on server resources so does not need a highly powered server. ScriptBay will happily run on shared server accounts.

Auto Auctions Online

Again we see how the incorporation of ScriptBay is used in combination with PHPVideo - There are multiple pages selling vehicles on different domains. Carauctions247 - VW Car Sales - Classic Motor Buyer - Ford Vehicle Auctions and others, it really down to your personal interests and imagination as to how this amazing script is used. You will not find another script as effective as ScriptBay or as simple to use.

Phils Camera Shop

Here we have "Phils Camera Shop" with a front page iframe ScriptBay insert selling digital cameras, along with a full page view of digital camera auctions - ScriptBay is the Swiss Army knife of eBay marketing and selling tools. With eBay becoming the favorite shopping outlet website for even the biggest retailers, this is a must have script if you want to muscle in on the action. Phils Camera Shop frontpage - take a look at the links to his eBay shops, each to different brands - Lumix - Nikon - Dash Cams and others, endless possibilities! to drive traffic and cutomers to your websites and affiliate shops.

classic car buyer

The Ultimate Classic Car Search
A classic car buyer website dedicated to....yes classic cars. Find and buy at auction the dream classic car you have been looking for. Driven by ScriptBay this is a simple website that will have any enthusiast browsing through the continuously updating lists of classic vehicles. The way ScriptBay endlessly provides the information makes for addictive browsing and will bring customers back again and again.

Car Auctions UK

You are not limited to home markets. Here caters for both American and United Kindom car auctions. UK Auctions and USA Auctions - Different currencies are not a problem, all parameters are easily adjusted in the script.

Dewalt Power Tools

Simple websites: Here New & Used Dewalt Power Tools - Any handy man DIYer or professional builder will love this simple niche website selling just Dewalt Tools - They are bound to find the right tool at the right price from the biggest selection of Dewalt tools online. This is shopping at it's simplest and best because you know you are getting value for money - and thats what brings customers back again. ScriptBay is easily the most cost effective way to boost your eBay sales. It's a no brainer must have bit of kit for any online business needs to stay competive - and it comes with help for the novice venturing into online selling for the first time to the professionals looking to turbo boost their eBay profits. You will find many sites selling PHP scripts costing far more but none as effective as this or one that will give returns again and again like this for as little as this. Philip Gahan - Owner After payment you will be redirected to download page. Due to the nature of this product (software) we cannot offer a refund once you have the script. If you have any questions please contact Philip Gahan email:

At only £29.99 .......a better RIO will be difficult to find

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The Script Requirements
Make sure your server meets the following requirements:

  • PHP >= 5.3.7

  • CURL module ON

  • FTP access to Your Web Space

  • Apache mod_deflate (Optional)

  • Apache mod_rewrite (Optional)

  • These are all standard settings on the vast majority of servers.

ScriptBay - Advanced eBay Search Script includes the following:

  • Mobile Module integrated

  • Automatic redirect for all Mobile devices with low resolution

  • ONLY 2 FILES to configure! (1 for ScriptBay Script, 1 for the Mobile Module)

  • Generate earnings from the eBay Affiliate Program (EPN)

  • Receive income from any type of item sold

  • Importing Real-time items via eBay API

  • Applicable on any website (does not require Database)

  • Include your personal ADS Code to the Script Code extremely lightweight and SEO optimized

  • Base PHP / JQuery / JS

  • Valid code standard PHP 5

  • Hight Resolution images previews

  • Easy to install and supplied with htaccess file

  • Modern design, easy to use

  • Infinite scroll style items and Po pup images in HQ

  • Pop up multi image and Slide show integrated

  • Advanced Search of any kind by keywords

  • Search Items for Seller ID

  • Time stamp of the remaining time, direct link to the auction page

  • Importing Seller Data, Seller rating, location, number of bids

  • Total customization of the search parameters and Currency

  • Default load Auctions from Keyword or Seller ID

  • Default listing items wit BIN - Buy it Now (increase your sales of the 30%)

  • LazyLoad plugin for save browser memory and increase speed of loading

  • Pinterest share button on all the previews

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