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Image of Colworth Herb Box

Colworth Herb Box

Our charming wooden Colworth Herb Box has a lovely rustic look about it. With two Galvanised herb pots sitting neatly within its wooden box, it's ideal for windowsills indoors or out. Pop in fresh herbs ready to add to culinary creations. Crafted in Spruce...

Image of Colworth Herb Box - Spruce

Colworth Herb Box - Spruce

This charming wooden Herb box has 2 rustic look galvanised herb pots, ideal for a window sill in the kitchen or balcony. It will look great with bunches ofdelicious herbs overflowing from each side or even to store bits and bobs around the house.

Image of Herb Pots Curtain Fabric Linen

Herb Pots Curtain Fabric Linen

A collection of labelled, potted herbs fill this fabric design with muted colours and fragrant green foliage. This 100% cotton print uses subtle rosy pink and pretty purple to bring a vintage charm to this illustrated motif. Ideally suited to kitchen...

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